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New Updated Directory of Open Access Anthropology Journals

As we were celebrating on May first this year our first  Open Access Anthropology Day, Lorenz made a great contribution by gathering many, if not all, the updated OAA Journals. You can read the post, which Lorenz wrote here, and if you would like to add other OAAJ, which are not listed in the page that he created, please leave him a comment under his post.  Interestingly, the languages that are being used in these journals are various: English, German, Multilingual, Scandinavian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, and French. Looking forward to see more other languages.

I encourage you to bookmark this valuable page. It will save a lot of your time searching for OAA journals since the page is updated. Also, it will be a great idea if professors encourage their students to search OAAJ and use them in their class papers. Professors are encouraged to use the Open Access Anthropology Journals to create materials for their classes. Students as well can encourage their professors to use the materials in OAA journals to prepare for the class readings. Thanks Lorenz.