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The American University in Cairo: Digital Archive and Research

I would like to announce that The American University in Cairo via its Digital Archive and Research believes in the open access movement.

As stated in AUC DAR website:

Open Access is a worldwide movement to encourage unrestricted availability of high-quality peer-reviewed research for the greater good of science and society. The Internet has the potential to disseminate knowledge and research farther and faster than ever before, but the drastic price increases imposed by publishers (despite the decreasing costs of providing electronic access to research material) limit the potential exposure of valuable research materials. With journal prices increasing, many university libraries, particularly smaller institutions and those in developing countries, are being forced to cancel subscriptions to scholarly journals, which can diminish the dissemination and quality of those institutions’ own academic output. Open Access provides a solution by offering an alternative to these subscription based access policies.Open Access provides an alternative to these subscription based access policies, especially in these times of economic difficulty.

Hence, AUC DAR aims to host:

Electronic versions of graduate student theses, and existing digital collections, such as the Rare Books and Special Collections Library’s digitized photographs, rare books, and architectural drawings.

Materials submitted to the AUC DAR Repository can be retrieved in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

AUC DAR is encouraging its students and faculty to submit their work to the Repository by stating that it will greatly increase exposure of their work to the scholarly community. It emphasizes that their submission of scholarly works does not restrict their right to publish elsewhere.

You can check some examples that I found it interesting here, here, and here.

M.A. Anthropology theses and researches will be available open access in the soon future on AUC DAR since it is newly launched.