In Search of Anthropology-Friendly Subject Repositories

Not everyone is employed at an institution that has established an stable, standard institutional repository where manuscripts, working papers, white papers, and green OA articles can be deposited. As discusussed on the Open Access Anthropology list, the Mana’o Project (a provisional subject repository for anthropology) is offline, for the time being at least. While discussions aimed at establishing an anthropology subject repository on firm footing continue, it might be good to inventory known repositories in which anthropologists might wish place their work.  Two that I know about have a policy orientation–IssueLab and Policy Archive. Another one of possible interest is the Digital Library of the Commons, a repository for scholarship dealing with commons, common-pool resources, and common property issues.  If you know of other repositories into which scholars in anthropology and neighboring fields could place their work, please leave a comment or link.

5 thoughts on “In Search of Anthropology-Friendly Subject Repositories

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  2. Peter Suber

    The Open Access Directory (OAD) maintains a list of disciplinary repositories . So far it only lists the Mana’o Project under anthropology. But authors of interdisciplinary work should check out repositories in neighboring fields. Because OAD is a wiki, you can add any repositories not already on the list.

    Researchers should not overlook their institutional repository, if there is one. Research in an institutional repository is just as open as research in a disciplinary repository, and –because repositories are interoperable– just as visible and likely to be indexed by search engines.

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