The First Open Access Anthropology Day

As I posted previously here, In the 1st of May 2009, we will be celebrating the first Open Access Anthropology Day. Anthropologists, in this day, show their support to Open Access Anthropology. Open Access Anthropology is interested in creating open access alternatives to anthropological publications by promoting Open Access Anthropology Journals. In addition, at this day we encourage you to promote further the notion of self-archiving among your colleagues. If you would like to be an active member in this event, here are some suggestions:

How to Participate in Open Access Anthropology Day

1- You can join the event over Blogger Unite, which it would not consume a minute from your time

2- Let others in our field learn about Open Access Anthropology Day by sharing with them this post via social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc

3- If you have a blog, you can spend some time to write a post at that day about any topic associated with Open Access Anthropology

4- Professors can discuss topics related to Open Access Anthropology with their students at that day

5- Graduate and undergraduate students can discuss with their colleagues and professors the importance of Open Access Anthropology

6- You can share with us any open access publication of yours. You can leave its URL in the comment’s section below

7-  Also you can share with us your experience with Open Access Anthropology Journals either by writing a post about it in your blog, or share it with us here under the comment’s section

8- You can copy and paste into your blog’s text sidebar the HTML code of the event’s badge, which is posted in the Blog Unite as I am doing in my blog’s sidebar

9- I strongly encourage you to download the poster, which Kerim and Alex created promoting self-archiving , and email it to the members of your department. Also, you can print the poster out, if you wish, on a nice color printer and post it to the bulletin board of your department

Please feel free to let us know if you have further ideas, we are always open to new ones

To learn more about the importance of Open Access Anthropology and some related topics you can visit these posts:

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Open Access Journal Publishing in Anthropology by Max

Stumped by AnthroSource by Kerim

A Short Summary of Recent Open Access News by Lorenz

Happy Open Access Anthropology Day

6 thoughts on “The First Open Access Anthropology Day

  1. Jason Baird Jackson

    Dear Sarah, Welcome to the Open Access Anthropology site/blog/project. Thanks for your post, your interest, and your work for the cause. If you email me, we could discuss your repository deposit of MA/PhD theses questions. Be well. Jason

  2. Sara

    Thank you Jason for your kind words. I appreciate giving me this opportunity to support and promote open access anthropology via this blog/site/project. Wish you a happy open access anthropology day : )

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