Open Access Awards Presented at the AAA Meetings

While much of its blog work actually takes place on Savage Minds and elsewhere, I have a sense that OA advocates interested in what is happening in anthropology may occasionally check in here or have an RSS feed here. For such folks, I can note briefly the results of the recent Savage Minds OA awards, spearheaded by Chris Kelty and announced to a crowd of real life human beings in the lobby of the San Francisco Hilton on Saturday evening (11/22/2008) during the meetings of the American Anthropological Association.

Most Excellent Blog
Runner up:
Most Win: Culture Matters

Most Excellent OA Journal
Runner Up: Cultural Analysis
Most Win: Anthopology Matters

Most Excellent Blog or Journal that does not end in “Matters” (The Category formerly known as Most Excellent Unclassifiable Digital Thingamajob)
Runner Up: Digital Anthropology
Most Win: Neuroanthropology

For details, one can consult Savage Minds postings here, here, here, and here, as well as notes appearing on, Culture Matters, and Neuroanthropology.

(For the record, I am a small fish on Cultural Analysis‘ otherwise very distinguished editorial board and I am very proud that a journal bridging folklore studies and neighboring disciplines in the human sciences did so well in the voting. If you do not know the journal, check it out here.)