The Journal of the Polynesian Society

For many anthropologists who study the Pacific, the Journal of the Polynesian Society (or the JPS as its fondly known) is considered the ultimate periodical. Over 100 years old, it has published a wealth of data on Pacific island societies in fields as diverse as archaeology, history, folklore, linguistics… in fact the JPS has been publishing material about the Pacific before these disciplines existed in their modern forms.

Its great to see, then, that the hoary old journal is in the process of being digitized — the first sixty years of the journal are now browseable and available open access. The site is not exactly a breeze to browse through and probably won’t win any awards as a tool for ‘discovering’ new material, but it makes a massive amount of data available that previously existed only in paper form. If you run across a citation you’d like to look up, look no further. Another great open access anthropology project.